Hiroshi desu, Tadaima. (YamaNade 12)

Finally… I haven’t check things up but it seemed that some group finally release the 12th episode of Yamato Nadeshiko, resulting in a multitude of ep12 vids these few days on youtube.



So it’s finally Christmas for the 4boys+1femaleghost. Kawaii Yuki recalled how important Christmas was to him..


“Filled with mixed feelings of both excitement and unease”, he met his first true love, Ranmaru…


Only to be brutally rejected tossed away.


Dejected and lost, Yuki sensed a japanese traditional bgm and POOF! appears kakoi Takenaga-kun~~! And this marks the end of, i mean the beginning of the boys’ *cough* steamy *cough* secretive *cough* nights together..

OPPs i totally forgot about Sunako and KYOUHEI!


o.0 oo seems like their doing fine with the Butcher Knife thingy..


This episode paused at advancing Sunako’s progress in becoming a fair lady, and went back to the past to tell us how the guys happen to live together and abit on their personality. Prolly one of the more serious episodes in the series, and it’s getting more and more similar to Ouran HSHC which also had a couple of heartwarming eps. I just hope it wouldn’t get too similar like they could play with more of the Sadako theme and more deadlines to rush for to reform Sunako. Plus there’s the Kyouhei x Sunako factor.. ehhehe, they better do something good with this potential couple.

They also had the “Path to Becoming a Lady” scene here, but Sunako wasn’t around in the past..


lmao. XD


1 Response to “Hiroshi desu, Tadaima. (YamaNade 12)”

  1. 1 Shuu July 1, 2007 at 10:08 am

    I love Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge~~
    I just recently started watching the anime, and I’ve read some of the manga before.
    It’s hiiiilarious. xD

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