The Burn Book

Girls, you probably have heard of this before. And perhaps tried googling burn book since Mean Girls. Anyway if you did, the first link google shoots up is It’s a forum, and it’s dying. But i took some time to scan through the posts. Man the girls there are so damn bitchy it’s funny.

Lots of forum debating over there, and lack of mods, admin not appearing etc. Kinda reminds me of I remember going there in like the 2002s for new game listings and roms. And i remember xAix and Isaac always ditifully updating site. Now it’s total shit. xAix(admin) doesn’t appear and keep those sex ads on the website. Crazy mods ran havoc. Dozens of spam across the board. It’s quite sad around there. Plus, i was intially quite conclusive that xAix was a girl cuz of the pink and everything that made it appear female-like. BUT apparantly.. it’s a guy. *in disgust*


1 Response to “The Burn Book”

  1. 1 gbxemu August 14, 2008 at 4:08 pm

    It wouldn’t matter if he was a real girl or just wanted to be one online as long as he did what he was supposed to do as a good admin…

    And now GBXemu is being redesigned – with a new clean Forum 😉

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