Bjork – All is Full of Love

Wierd cuz i never hear Bjork’s music before. Well wanted to check out this artist cuz utada hikaru liked her music. And really i realised hikki’s style is becoming full of reference to bjork’s. those ‘howls’ and ‘shrieks’, and very.. different genre.. i dunno what you call it. Very apparant in the Exodus album.

Anyway i came across this nice song.. with a masterpiece video. All is full of love, regardless of gender (yes they are both females but i don’t think it’s promoting homosexuality) and even in robots. such an artistical piece. i’m beginning to like her music.


you’ll be given love
you’ll be taken care of
you’ll be given love
you have to trust it

maybe not from the sources
you have poured yours
maybe not from the directions
you are staring at

trust your head around
it’s all around you
all is full of love
all around you

all is full of love
you just aint receiving
all is full of love
your phone is off the hook
all is full of love
your doors are all shut
all is full of love!

all is full of love…


2 Responses to “Bjork – All is Full of Love”

  1. 1 Lauren March 26, 2007 at 9:57 pm

    WOW! uve never heard of Bjork?! shes brilliant! she is absolute genious! and wats even cooler is that u really picked one of her master piece songs! good work! i hope u enjoy getting to know the rest of her music. Her latest albums Medula & Vespertine r quite left-field (but im used it! and even expected it). If u want some less-ambiguous-more-coherent songs of hers, try the album Homogenic and anythign before that. if u like early 90s sounding music, try her album ‘birthday’ by the sugarcubes. they were pop back in the day….

    but yes Homogenic is definately her most beautiful album 🙂

  2. 2 akaiyubi March 27, 2007 at 2:51 pm

    lol thanks for the recommendations~ I more or less listen to pop and rnb only so never really heard her songs. but she sounds great and her songs are well written, will try those u suggest. =]

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