Mr.Children – しるし [Shirushi]

In case you still don’t know of this beautiful song by one of the hottest band in Japan. ^^

Lyrics & Translation:

saisho kara kounaru koto ga kimatteta mitai ni
chigau TENPO de kizamu kodou wo tagai ga kiiteru
donna kotoba wo erandemo dokoka usoppoi n’ da
sanou ni kaita tegami guchagucha ni marumete suteru

kokoro no koe wa kimi ni todoku no kana?
chinmoku no uta ni notte…

DA-RIN DA-RIN iron na kakudo kara kimi wo mite kita
sono doremo ga subarashikute boku wa ai wo omoishiru n’ da
“hanshinhangi = kizutsukanai tame no yobousen” wo
ima, bimyou na NYUANSU de kimi wa shimesou to shite iru

“onnaji kao wo shiteru” to dareka ga hiyakashita shashin
bokura wa nite iru no kanaa? soretomo nite kita no kanaa?
mendoukusai tte omou kurai ni majime ni mukiatte ita
karuhazumi datta jibun wo urayamashiku naru hodo ni

kokoro no koe wa dare ga kiku koto mo nai
sore mo ii sono hou ga ii

DA-RIN DA-RIN iron na kao wo motsu kimi wo shitteru yo
nani wo shite sugoshite ita tte
omoidashite kurushiku naru n’ da
KARENDA- ni kinyuu shitai kutsumono kinenbi yori
kokizami ni senmei ni boku no kioku wo umetsukusu

naitari warattari fuantei na omoi dakedo
sore ga kimi to boku no shirushi

DA-RIN DA-RIN iron na kakudo kara kimi wo mite kita
tomo ni ikirenai hi ga kita tte
douse ai shite shimau to omou n’ da
DA-RIN DA-RIN Oh My darling
kuruoshiku senmei ni boku no kioku wo umetsukusu

we each listened to our hearts beating to different tempos
as if things were meant to be this way from the start

no matter what words I choose, it sounds insincere
I crumple up the letter I wrote with the left side of my brain
and throw it away

do you hear the voice of my heart?
It’s in this silent song…

darling, darling, I’ve seen you from many different angles
all of them exquisite, you’ve shown me what love is
now you’re trying to show me by way of subtle techniques
that your uncertainty is a precautionary border
to keep you from getting hurt.

someone makes fun of our picture, “you two make such a pair”
Do we look alike? Or is it that we’ve started to?

we faced one another with such seriousness
that it was almost a burden to get on with it
so much so that it makes me jealous of the thoughtless guy I used to be.

no one will hear the voice of my heart
I’m ok with that, it’s better that way.

Darling, Darling,
I know you have many faces.
no matter what I do,
when I remember you, it pains me so.
more than all those memorable days on my calendar
my memory is filled completely by vivid memories
of every second of every day with you. *3
we cry, we laugh
it’s a precarious sort of feeling but
it is proof of you and me.

Darling, darling
I’ve seen you from so many different angles
even if the day we can no longer be together comes our way
I don’t think it matters because I can’t help loving you.

Darling, Darling
Oh my darling
Maddeningly, and vividly
you fill in my memories completely
Darling, Darling.

Romanji and Translation: Brian Stewart & Takako Sakuma
Provided By:


8 Responses to “Mr.Children – しるし [Shirushi]”

  1. 1 カロ August 17, 2007 at 12:47 am

    Hello from Hong Kong – thank you so much for the translations. HK is finally showing “14 sai no haha” – a great drama, especially with the my favorite Shida Mirai’s playing Miki.

    The theme song by Mr. Children touched nearly made me cry without knowing what exactly it is about…

    Finally, found your generous sharing of the translations.

    Thank you,


  2. 3 Anonymous August 22, 2007 at 7:38 pm

    thank-you 🙂

  3. 4 JinYuan September 24, 2007 at 1:40 pm

    im from singapore, watched the drama, and thanks for the lyrics!

  4. 5 audrey October 14, 2007 at 11:58 am

    heyy.i’m from CANADA! omg i think i watched tht drama like 3 times so far…i bought it and found out tht the subtitles are in chinese, and i couldn’t read it…SO I MADE MY FRIEND TRANSLATE IT FOR ME! 🙂 OH and i’m like OBSESSED w/ shirushi! oooo and and and thz for translating it once agen! toodles for now!….WAIT! if anyone kno where to download tht ringtone..PLZ LET ME KNO!BYE!:)

  5. 6 Laura February 28, 2010 at 6:10 am

    Thank you for the translations!♥

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