Kou Shibasaki – KiKi♥ [Album]

Release: 25 April 07
1. Kiki♥ (嬉々♥)
2. at home
3. Regret
4. invitation
5. “- Toi Toi -”
6. Amai Sakikusa. (甘いさきくさ。)
7. Bunshin (分身)
8. interference
9. Sakanakana (サカナカナ)
10. Hito Koi Meguri (ひと恋めぐり)
11. Kage (影)
12. Usagi (うさぎ)
13. Calendar (カレンダー)

New album from famous actress Kou Shibasaki!
This is her 3rd album and includes great singles like invitation, one of her best songs i’ve heard, and recent release Hito Koi Meguri, a sweet sweet song. I recently heard her older albums Mitsu and thought most of the songs were pretty decent and she sang really well in a couple of tracks. If you liked her previous albums, you totally gotta get this (especially for the pretty cover!)
Anyway i havent get to hear this album so i’ll talk more sometime later..

Edit: I’m so laggy to update this post. Just a little comment. Nice album with good singles and a couple new impressionable tracks. Title track Kiki has a really sweet keyboarding to it. regret, usagi and several other tracks has abit of bossa nova flava which is fresh to be coming from Kou (I have no idea of her other songs except those from Mitsu.) What’s really important here is the lyrics though, since she wrote all the songs herself. I have yet to find a decent translation… maybe i’ll do one myself…

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