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New layout!

I’m still deciding which theme to settle on. Then there’s still a new header to be made.. Yep Im changing things cuz there appears to be a need for better navigation around here. Meh.. I’ve like procrastinated doing this for months, but now my exams are over (finally!), I’d better do something to this site. hang ard!

EDit: Okay finally a new header! I miss my old header so this one is … erm.. about the same (ie still Rukia). hee.. Anyway i’ll post the old one here so i can still see it everytime.

wenq no blog


The Burn Book

Girls, you probably have heard of this before. And perhaps tried googling burn book since Mean Girls. Anyway if you did, the first link google shoots up is It’s a forum, and it’s dying. But i took some time to scan through the posts. Man the girls there are so damn bitchy it’s funny.

Lots of forum debating over there, and lack of mods, admin not appearing etc. Kinda reminds me of I remember going there in like the 2002s for new game listings and roms. And i remember xAix and Isaac always ditifully updating site. Now it’s total shit. xAix(admin) doesn’t appear and keep those sex ads on the website. Crazy mods ran havoc. Dozens of spam across the board. It’s quite sad around there. Plus, i was intially quite conclusive that xAix was a girl cuz of the pink and everything that made it appear female-like. BUT apparantly.. it’s a guy. *in disgust*

Where was I??

Aw haven updated for weeks.. honto ni gomen ne…

Anyway, i got my Flavor of Life single last week ^_^ yay!! Well.. i still think that the original version sounds just like a remix of the ballad one tho.. anyway it’s a good release (after boku wa kuma… she shouldnt even have released it imo..i’s 4 kids..).
Well, few days after her single has been released, she announces her divorce with kiriya-san. many people were saying this doesn’t come as a surprise, cuz well they were not exactly chummy in more recent mtv making-offs. And apparantly, or more so based on hindsight, fans decided that the lyrics in flavor of life were all about their relationship (hm.. previously i tot it was cuz hikki knew HYD’s story so well and was so into it that she could write something like this.. well so…). PLus there were tons of rumors regarding kiriya’s affair – damn him if it’s true! hikki is too good 4 him deshou!-

Sidetracking from utada, if you’re not living in japan and love anime and hence you have animax, rejoice cuz animax is airing MUSICSTATION!! (and MARIA SAMA GA MITERU O.O) wahooo!! (alright that applies if you’re living in singapore(philipiness/hk etc). for the other countries i dunno… most probably you have them earlier than me) KEWLLL!!! I watched the first ep few days ago, apparantly it’s the first episode of 2007. Celebs like Hirai Ken and Glay and (the rest i dunno who they r..) =.= well saves up time watching from youtube tho. hehhe. PLUS i noted this female singer with nana-like hairstyle and her songs were not bad – but i can’t remember who she is. anyone?

A couple updates

Added links for BoA’s Made in Twenty album (replacing the torrent link)
Updated Yui’s Rolling Star lyrics for full song.
Added Yuna Ito’s Heart album review.

Will be posting some old anime songs (probably GSD ones) in Impressions section and might be translating Flavor of Life (since peeps r saying the translation provided aren’t accurate-but i know very little japanese so..).
Utada’s releasing her Flavor of Life album on 2.26.06 so will put that up when it comes (hopefully i’m free)
The Chinese music section’s quite bare so i might post some songs, Angela or Tank or SHE with lyrics, chinese & romanize, and possibly a workable english translation!

PLus i bought myself a PSP!! Fav. sleek white, and DJMAX Portable!! Woot!! Now trying to find a GTA: LCS to downgrade (T_T got it at fw2.81 so i upped to 3.03 to dg and realized i needed a 2.0UMD..), anybody who can help me, please leave a comment.
And i also got myself The Sims: Life Stories!! Might be posting something on it later on.
And finally, Thanks to all leechers for the RS downloads! You’re helping alot! (though you’re not here to see this since you’re a l33c43r)

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