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Tommy heavenly6

Finally another entry under Impressions [a section for relatively underated/new singers]! Today’s featured artist is none other than Tommy heavenly6, the wild alter ego of Tomoko Kawase!!

A little background would ya!: tomoko kawase
Tommy heavenly6 is in fact a singing act of japanese female singer, Tomoko Kawase, who was the lead vocalist in the brillant green. Tomoko initially launched her solo career as Tommy february6, a cute school-girl type character who was far from innocent. One of her best songs imo, Lonely in Gorgeous, was the OP of Paradise Kiss (same mangaka as NANA). When Tomoko got tired with feb6, poof! appeared heavenly6! Rock. Wild. Eviel. COOL! (it’s just feb6 taking off her glasses really)

Now to the songs! heavenly6 recently released her 2nd album in March, Heavy Starry Heavenly. All 12 songs are rock-pop tracks packed with synthesizers and Tommy’s dab of pure fun!

Tracklist:tomoko kawase
1. Heavy Starry Chain
Mainstream pop-rock melody. I would say that is one of the best song in the album, and a nice title track. It’s not one of her typical fun and wild works but it does it’s magic in a nice catchy way.
2. Stay away from me
Don’t you wanna enjoy with me, baby? Not happy to be with me? alright baby! Stay away from me! If you hate me!! I hate you!
I like her singing in here. Alot of english, but i don’t really know what she’s singing. It’s cool though. ^_^
4. My bloody knee-high-socks
Good morning everyone
I fell asleep as I was playing the game “FF”

Alot of screaming in yet another lollipop melody track.
Fav fav!! Catchy, rocky, popy. Nice.
6. Lollipop Candy ♥BAD♥ girl
This is definitely the “baddast” song in the album – and she really does seem to be eating a lollipop while composing this.
7. the CASE
Aw! This is the first song i heard her yell Ouu!
Finally! 50% into the album and we finally get a song softer on the ears. I really like this song. Easy to sing, easy to listen, and full of Tommy’s sweet & cutesy vocals (but not act cute like H!P). A cannot be missed track!
9. I♥Xmas
An Xmas release. Warm and sweet lyrics.
10. Pray
Another fav!! Watched the PV sometime ago and it’s about some samurai thingy. wierd. funny. NOT TO BE MISSED.
11. GOING 2 MY WAY !
12. Lucky Me
I don’t have the last 2 songs!! T_T link me up would u? Im gonna buy it! (if i find it in SG)

Hm.. my comments are sorta repetitive (that’s why i never do album reviews…) Anyways, if you are a fan, you wouldn’t get tired of her neverending same style songs. I can’t really see the difference in her songs, except for the lyrics (which i haven really looked at the translation). Alot of her works are of colorful, playful lyrics. No deep meaningful songs and angsty ballads. Just pure sweet lollipoppy tunes.

Time to listen! ~click to play
Heavy Starry Chain


Medley [In order: door mat, lollipop candy, the case, my bloody-knee-high socks, i’m gonna scream, stay away from me]


sunny-side up – Say My Name

sunny-side upDownload Say My Name|fragile|end of the world
sunny-side up /egg one
Release: 4/4/07
1.Say My Name
3.end of the world
4.Say My Name (Instru)
5.fragile (Instru)
6.end of the world (Instru)

sunny-side up is a new band i guess, i can’t find much info about them other than it’s a 2girl(vocals) 1guy(guitar) band (visit their myspace). Anyway their latest release, egg one, has this nice song, Say My Name. Breathtaking vocals if you would agree with me, quite different from mainstream jpop. Love it.
The mini album also hold 2 other songs, end of the world and fragile. fragile is a somewhat mellow song with nice piano backing. end of the world, another piano ballad concludes the release. Both songs, similar to Say My Name, really sound like there’s only 1 girl singing, though the other girl was mouthing some parts in the PV. I dun think she sang at all in any of the songs, maybe we’ll hear her voice in their next song (if not, she’s probably there only for the cute cover-art =.=). Overall a good release (debut?) and a promising band!

FictionJunction Yuuka

FJ-YuukaI decided to do an Impressions section, which mainly introduces some not so popular singers or stuff. So here goes. The first entry’s dedicated to an awesome duo, FictionJunction Yuuka.

Anime music listeners may have heard of this jpop duo from popular series like Gundam Seed, .hack//roots or Tsubasa Chronicle, but prolly wouldn’t know much of them without some demystifying.

FictionJunction YUUKA is a Japanese pop duo, part of Japanese composer Yuki Kajiura’s solo project FictionJunction, consisting of Yuuka Nanri (vocals) and Kajiura (keyboards). Yuki Kajiura, the brains behind this duo, is in fact part of the female trio, See-Saw, responsible for various popular anime songs. Their first recording was Wheel of Dawn (暁の車, Akatsuki no Kuruma?) which was used as an insert song in the popular mecha anime Mobile Suit Gundam SEED. They have released two singles for MADLAX, two for the Gundam SEED series, and one for .hack//Roots. The duo have also released one album, Destination, which entered the Oricon Weekly Rankings at the ninth spot. Not too blessed in the looks department, Yuuka does have good vocals and Kajiura’s a great composer, well just try some of their songs. I especially liked Aikoi, OST Tsubasa Chronicle.

Some songs to check out:
Silly Go Round – OST .hack//Roots
Aikoi – OST Tsubasa Chronicles
Akatsuki no Kuruma – OST Gundam Seed

Tsubasa Chronicle INS – Aikoi [FJ Yuuka] ~ (click to play)

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