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Utada Hikaru – HEART STATION [Music Fighter]

I absolutely can’t agree with her current STYLE. But heck, we still love hikki!!
Am loving this and Stay Gold.

^-^V <–hardcore, blind hikki fan.


Utada Hikaru – HEART STATION

Alright it’s finally out. Credits to 8thSin Fansubs and NekoGirl0 for the upload.
This song is rather simple, and the music isn’t that catchy compared to Stay Gold. For some reason, i like the lyrics. A part of the melody sounds like ‘nichiyobi no asa’, which was one of my faves on the album Ultra Blue.
Am liking her short hair, looks cute and a lil bit slimmer, face wise.

Utada Hikaru – Stay Gold [Ringtone]

Eh… this is abit outdated but…

Here is the ringtone of Hikki’s latest to be released single, Stay Gold, from Chaku-Uta.


The single HEART STATION/Stay Gold is to be release on 20.2.08.
Preorder it now!

Utada Hikaru – Beautiful World/Kiss&Cry [Ringtone]

Ringtones!! Hikki’s latest single Beautiful World/Kiss&Cry
will be out on the 29th of August. Here’s the ringtone before anything! WOOT!

Edit: New cuts!
Beautiful World (Chorus) (25seconds)
Beautiful World (Bridge+Chorus) (50s)
Kiss & Cry Ringtone (57s)

Edit: As per request, above zipped into a single file @ Mediafire

Utada Hikaru -Flavor of Life CDTV

This is Hikki singing flavor of life on TV!!!

(youtube vid to be added when it’s upped)

Torrent DL
Credits:, hikkichan@JPS

Utada Hikaru Flavor of Life Interview

This was upped a week ago.. i’m abit late. But anyway its really hilarous (tho i dont realli understand wad they’re sayin..)
Dunno wad programme is this, but again hosted by that famous uncle. Anyway he intros hikki out *screams and applauses*, and there she pops out of a door with two of her posters.. then she says “a hai! posta ga… oniigiri desu ne (it’s an onigiri.)” [passes poster to him]
Old Man: ONIGIRI?? (the rice thingy) [while holding the hikki poster]
Hikki: Ahh kore atashi da~ (ahh that’s me!)


Also in her big white bag is a Boku wa Kuma album. Wadeva they’re sayin… she carry on saying that it’s abit early but [moves back and audience becomes wild for a sec] ah valentines! A Kuma chocolate! Then the next part i think she was saying there’s many people with Kuma in their names (kumablahblah-san) and she likes them too. She also got lotsa flowers and the one at the leftmost is from Matsumoto JUN!!! (Hana Yori Dango male lead..think that’s y he gave flowers…he’s probably a hikki fan like us!!)
And she’s full of expressions throughout the whole thing! Lolz. kAwAii!

Watch the other parts:
Part 2 | Part 3

Utada Hikaru – Flavor of Life (Radio Rip)

Radio rip from er quality quite bad but still listenable. y do i feel it’s just like a remix of ballad version..

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