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Ken Hirai – Canvas キャンバス

Music & Lyrics: Ken Hirai

Itsu no hi ka mata aou to te wo furu, kimi no egao wo eien ni yakitsuketa
“Sou da ne?” to kotaeta boku no kao wa, jouzu ni, jouzu ni, waraeteita ka na

“Daisuki” to kaita booru wa mada watasenai mama
Boku no mune wo goro-goro korogari kusuguttainda

Kono mama ja irarenakute mo, kore kara ni nagasarete mo
Keshite kawaranai, keshite yogosenai, bokura dake no kyanbasu
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Utada Hikaru – HEART STATION [Music Fighter]

I absolutely can’t agree with her current STYLE. But heck, we still love hikki!!
Am loving this and Stay Gold.

^-^V <–hardcore, blind hikki fan.

Kimura Kaela – Jasper

Uh.. I loved Yellow.. But this is.. unbearable, certain parts at least. And to think i was so addicted to Yellow.. Kimura is really cool though, and i absolutely love her voice. This was said to be her first techno release. Hm.. better go back to dabbling with rock eh?

This is also the theme song for the film “Mr. Magorium’s Wonder Emporium”‘s Japanese version. Can you imagine?? >.>

Also, she’s ranking 6th on Yahoo’s Music Awards 2007, Best Female category.
Well if you decide to go take a look, VOTE FOR HIKKI!!! ><
(It was really a difficult choice, but i’m a true blue Hikki fan =PP)

Utada Hikaru – HEART STATION

Alright it’s finally out. Credits to 8thSin Fansubs and NekoGirl0 for the upload.
This song is rather simple, and the music isn’t that catchy compared to Stay Gold. For some reason, i like the lyrics. A part of the melody sounds like ‘nichiyobi no asa’, which was one of my faves on the album Ultra Blue.
Am liking her short hair, looks cute and a lil bit slimmer, face wise.

KOH+ – Kiss Shite

OMG!! Fukuyama Masaharu X Shibasaki Kou = KOH+!!
The two starred in Fuji TV’s recent drama Tantei Galileo, with this song as the ED.
Wooo this is like the best pairing of the year. Muahaha both are my favs~!! XD

Cibo Matto – Sugar Water

An old song (1997) by Cibo Matto, a New York based Japanese female duo. Amazing mtv~~ I wonder how director Michel Gondry thought of this, the timing of the vids were so well coordinated. Awesome. Dont leave your mouth hanging!

Eien no Uta – Nakashima Mika

Alright alrighty, I gave in and let 永遠の詩 replace LIFE as my current Mika hit.
Finally something different from her usual ballads and glad that she’s back to dabbling with reggae/jazz like in My Sugar Cat. Like it!

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