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Yuna Ito – I’m Here

I love this song! OoO Yuna dancing! Alright she’s not exactly a dancer especially with her classy looks, yup we don’t need another KodaKumi. BTW am i seeing things or does that costume make her look fat? 0.o” And i love her doll look. So pretty! Aniway din’t wanna blog it as i was abit late and the stuff are already out there, but i cant find the romanji, so here it is! (with translation)


kodoku na doa no mukou So long hitori kiri fumidashita asa
tsuyogari na manazashi wa To high burewa shi nai
nigenai koto ga itsumo No more jiyuu yori daiji da to I know
wakatte ita kara ima For you tatakau yo

kimi ga inoru toki wa sono te tsutsumikomu yo
onaji netsu ni unasare

*Shake down shinji ta michi o hashiru I’m here mou mayowa nai
kizutsuku nara okumade
rashiku ikiru sono hate nara akaku moete ii

Find out kibou wa itsu no toki mo Still shine kono mune no naka
sagashidashite Can you feel it
shitsu kusu koto o osoreru yori ai o hitotsu idaite
yami no mukou So I wanna go
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Yuna Ito – Heart

Release Date: 24 Jan 07
Download @ jpopsuki | aznmedia | RS links belowYuna Ito - Heart
3. losin‘ (AXN’s LOST – Season 2 – Theme)
4. Know-how
5. Precious (LIMIT OF LOVE – Umizaru – Movie Theme’)
6. Tender is the Night
7. Fragile
8. Nobody Knows
9. Faith (KTV CX’s Drama UNFAIR Title Theme)
10. Stay for Love
11. Truth (NANA2 Movie Theme)
12. Perfume
13. Precious -wedding extended ver.-

oo finally out!! ^_^

[edit: and finally my two cents on this!]

First off, i really love Yuna’s vocals -like jealousy love- ever since listening to and watching Precious pv on MTVAsia. I really held high hopes for this but as most fans/non-fans would think alike, this release was much of a big disappointment. Let’s just hold off Endless Story and Precious, as i think these are her best songs up to date, and talk about the other tracks. After like two weeks of trying to get into the songs, it has became more apparent how much this fails. If you’re gonna listen to it at all, try Tender is the Night, or losin or Faith. The others are poorly written (music-wise) and about all of them fell into the same problem-big vocals throughout the whole song giving no sense of climax. If there’s one thing she should improve on her vocals, it’s to control her vocal dynamics (like that in Precious). Then what about Truth, the long awaited theme song of NANA2?? It’s a movie theme and is expected to be written at least better than her other tunes, BUT omg does it even fit the movie? or Reira the rock songstress? It isn’t anything better than Endless Story. And it’s gonna let NANA fans think Olivia is better for the singing voiceover. That said though, i havent watch the movie nor the anime, and i liked the song-it’s reminiscent of Precious.

So it’s a flunk due to poorly written songs that doesn’t serve her talents justice. Even the cover sucks- i wish they could tweak the lighting abit or change her hairstyle… Let’s cross our fingers and hope United sells this well enough to release a 2nd album- which might be worse if without movie themes.

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